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don goode

Don Goode

Don created his first Joint Venture back in 1975 melding a Law Firm, a CPA office and an Insurance Agency into a shared business plan resulting in instant multiples to the customer base and marked increases to the bottom line.

In the decades that followed Don strategically applied similar processes into projects within Entrepreneurial Training, Digital Advertising, Intern Development, Online Tournament gaming and now most recently in the World Class Destination Surf Park and Event Facility at Riviera Maya …

Continual 1.25 to 2.50 meter barreled surfing waves spaced 8 seconds apart within a 2 hectares pool of water located on beachfront property in Riviera Maya Mexico with exclusive 1 hectare powdery white sand beach and restaurant bar connected by an authentic ancient Mayan underground waterway for swimming, kayaks and gondola service.

donner goode

Donner Goode

Managing Partner at Gaming Central Online LLC
Recent Graduate from San Diego State University 2016
International Economics
With study at Berlin School of Economics and Law