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Immediate Openings for 30 day paid internship/entrepreneurial sales training


​$15 per hour plus daily incentive bonuses

(Wolf of Wall Street Straight Line Persuasion)
(product offerings in 7 verticals)

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Have you ever wondered “What’s Next” ?

Are you already a skilled communicator but want to be better ?

Have you thought about more school but need to make money NOW ?

Here at INTERN TODAY we promise you a meaningful 30 days designed specifically to
compliment the “text book” part of the program with engaging activities that bring that
information into clear focus all in a process that allows for you to EARN while you LEARN

The INTERN TODAY development program is offered by GoodeSelling IR&S, LLC and is designed to be the best and fastest entrepreneurial training program in America …

In just 30 days you will complete the Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street)
​Straight Line Persuasion training along with Product Trainings that include:

  1. Business Valuation Appraisals,
  2. 401k alternative options
  3. Pre-set appointments with Architects, Dentists and Business Owners
  4. Creating Rapport with Non Profit Organizations
  5. Amateur On-line Gaming Tournaments
  6. Continuing Education for Insurance Agents, and
  7. Recruitment Trainings for Life Insurance Agents
donner goode

Donner Goode
Director / Sales Manager
Network Coordinator