SurfCity Mexico the first World Class Destination Surf Resort, Event Facility and Olympic Training Center open to the general public

Much like the birthing of MMA from within the world of Boxing, Inland Surfing is fast emerging as the natural evolution of traditional ocean surf riding. Continual on demand sets of perfectly shaped surf waves without the crowds, cold water, or risk of shark attacks. Delivered in a multiplicity of wave size, shape and strength and surrounded by Cancun’s natural beauty, SurfCity Mexico is soon to become the mecca of surf enthusiasts worldwide.

Specifically designed to cater to every whim of it’s member guests, with focused attention to every detail from the uniqueness of the Corona Brewery to the convenience, security, and efficiency of it’s mobile app.

Payments for all goods and services along with membership transactions are all functioned by the SurfCoin an exclusive digital currency unique to the SurfCity properties, hard coded into blockchain technology and powered by proprietary smart contract programming.

Special pre-construction Offer - Lifetime pool access!

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