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don goode

Don Goode

Don created his first Joint Venture in 1975 melding a Law Firm, a CPA office and an Insurance Agency into a shared business plan resulting in instant multiples to the customer base and marked increases to the bottom line.

In the decades to follow Don strategically applied similar processes into projects within Entrepreneurial Training, Digital Advertising, Intern Development, online eSports Competition, ICO Inc, Xurf Pool at Xavage by Xcaret, and now most recently in Surf Pool Company,

A strategic joint venture combining three established market leaders encompassing expertise in Destination Resort development, Theme Park management, and Ocean quality surf waves engineered within a man made pool

donner goode

Donner Goode

Founder and Managing Partner at Tolva League
Chief Gaming Officer at RankMe Coin Company
Alumni San Diego State University 2016 International Economics
With study at Berlin School of Economics and Law