Gaming Central Online
“where Influencers come to play”

Attractive Prize Pools

GCO creates the ultimate amateur gaming experience where amateur and beginner gamers play for attractive prize money, recognition, player perks, and rewards

Brought together in private label tournament offerings specifically branded for the sponsoring named Influencer

GCO provides all tournament mechanics, tech, and support

The Influencer receives all of the street cred and shared revenue

Followers enjoy the thrill of competition, the feel goode of helping the cause, along with significant prizes and rewards

Special Introductory Offer for First Time Influencer

  • – $500 set up fee paid by Surf Pool Company
  • – Special Prize Package includes SWAG from Coola SunCare, Bubblegum Surf Wax, GameStop, StubHub, San Diego Fleet and more

don goode and cheryl

Cheryl Goode
Branding and Promotional Productions

Don Goode
Strategic Partnerships and Joint Ventures

The video game industry earns more money than Casinos, the Movie Industry, Major League basketball, and football COMBINED … On YouTube, Gaming has more followers than news, movies and education combined