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business boot camp

Business Boot Camp is an accelerated program that trains you for business opportunity within 3 concurrent modules:

1st with a dedicated MENTOR local to your community

2nd with ENTREPRENEURIAL courses specific to your chosen field of interest

3rd with an assigned Sales COACH to oversee and guide you through field exercises that immerse you into that place ​where the “RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD

wolf pack

Do you ever ask yourself … What’s Next?  

But don’t know where to start?  

48% of American Adults dream of owning their own business.

We make that dream a reality, in just 4 short weeks!

donner goode

Donner Goode
Director / Sales Manager
Network Coordinator

Are you already a skilled communicator but want to be better ?

Have you thought about more school but need to make money NOW ?

Here at INTERN TODAY we promise you a meaningful 30 days designed specifically to
compliment the “text book” part of the program with engaging activities that bring that
information into clear focus all in a process that allows for you to EARN while you LEARN

The INTERN TODAY development program is offered by GoodeSelling Insurance Recruitment and Sales, LLC and is designed to be the best entrepreneurial training program in America … In just 30 days you will complete the Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) Straight Line Persuasion training along with Product Trainings that include:

Business Valuation Appraisals
Investment grade IUL structured as a 401k alternative
Business Plan development and cash flow modeling
Strategic messaging from Millennial seeking Corporations
online global eSports Tournament Promotion
Continuing Education for Sales Professionals in Insurance and Real Estate
Recruitment Trainings for Life Insurance Agents